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Name:Jelani St Germanie
RP account. Original character with roots loosely in the DC universe.

There were these two people roleplaying on LJ some six years ago. One was playing the intergalactic bountyhunter Lobo from DC comics, the other was playing an OC character. These two characters were hitting it off, and the players behind them one day started to wonder what a kid from these two muses would be like. And so Jelani St Germaine was created.

She's very much her father's daughter, with her white skin and red eyes, and though attitude. She can take a beating, but will always dish it out far worse in return. She knows mechanics, piloting, she knows guns and explosives. Very strong, very fast, and one hell of a fighter.

But she can be tricked, and her confidence can be used against her. Her will is strong but she has no defense against telepaths and people wielding magic.

Jelani has one main storyline, though I do on occasion branch out to do some AU stuff with her.

Both muse and writer are over eighteen.
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